What It Is

While your workforce needs an OH&S programme to shield them from accidents & injuries, you need an OH&S tactical measure to shield you from the legislation
A Bizsafe Workplace Safety Manual is a document which demonstrates you have reviewed your workplace and have safety rules in place. It can be used as a method to have a “consultative process” in place a legal requirement. Also as a safety induction for new employees.

The manual also contains a sign off page to be signed by each employee to attest that they have read and understand the contents of the manual.

The Intent of the album is to assist business proprietors to comply with their OH&S / WHS obligations in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our Safety Manuals have been most appreciated by those business proprietors who have previously tried to put an OH&S solution together themselves. They came to realise how complex and time consuming it all became. We fixed the problem much quicker, cheaper, and better looking than they ever hoped for.

Principles of our approach:

Without any sort of workplace OH&S precautions and Safety Plan in place, directors and managers must bear the entire legal obligation for OH&S administration, as well as sole legal liability for reportable incidents and inspection penalties.
Most companies act responsibly in relation to the safety of their employees (includes casuals and contractors), but many leave themselves exposed because they have not documented their informal policies, and “common sense” safety expectations.
Bizsafe believes it is important to provide a safe workplace and to achieve the best outcome for the organisation and that this needs to be kept simple and business practical with the focus on safety rather than on an exorbitant amount of documentation that sits in an office.
If management is proactive with safety and shares this with their employees, they are starting to address their legal requirement to “consult”, and safety becomes a shared responsibility for all.