Builders/Tradies Packs

You have a responsibility to:

• Customers
• Employees
• Contractors
• Delivery persons
• Anyone wandering onto the worksite
• Protect yourself
• Safety Co-ordination Plan (over $350K)

• Protect your business
• Protect your business’s reputation
• Demonstrate OH&S / WHS compliance
• Understand laws
• Reviewed workplace
• Safety rules in place

Business practical safety documentation:
1. Safety Manual – covers all expected safety standards required for a worksite
2. Contractor letter – send to main contractors
3. Customer – this can be given to your customers warning them of potential dangers and their responsibilities.
4. HS Co-ordination Plan – mandatory to have on work sites worth over $350K
5. Onsite Checklist – handy quick form to fill out to confirm the worksite has been checked and all work being undertaken is within SWMS & Safety Manual safety rules.
6. Onsite poster – display on work sites – simple and effective.
7. SWMS – as required