Bizsafe began developing its products and systems in 2004, focusing on workplace safety methodologies for small businesses.

Tim Mathews (Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety) has 25-years in business operations and senior business management roles in large national and international corporations such as Mayne Nickless Ltd, Lend Lease Ltd and Adecco Ltd. He’s had extensive hands-on experience and specialist training in personnel management & staff training, recruitment, financial, sales, OH&S, HR, customer service, risk mitigation, and profit accountability.

This wide reaching “top-end” experience is also balanced by a combined 14 years of SME ownership & management, in such fields as office fit-out.
Tim brings to Bizsafe a highly practical perspective on universal business challenges, and he is rigorous in reflecting this pragmatism in Bizsafe’s offerings to its clients. The underlying philosophy is one of keeping matters simple, in a challenging environment where business proprietors must fulfil their legal (and moral) obligations to operate safe workplaces for their employees, and at the same time shield themselves and their businesses from the worst ravages of potential legal penalties.

Which translates into a few simple principles that Bizsafe encourages:

• Business challenges must be broken down into digestible bites.
• If specialist expertise is not on-hand, use contract practitioners.
• Keep project briefs tight and limited – don’t let experts (or urgers) complicate issues.
• All communications must be kept simple and direct, but comprehensive.
• Identify risks in all aspects of the business, and take steps to minimise them.
• Treat clients, suppliers and employees with respect, always with a view to evolving long term relationships.

Tim has extensive experience working in all areas of Australia and abroad.
Tim is in his early 60’s (2017) and is fortunate to be able to have a good balance between work, which he enjoys assisting people and lifestyle. So is willing to travel to implement clients.